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Love Sucks =P

Rick's deep twizted mind

1/2/07 09:52 pm - Fuck Me

Well. All I have back home is family, and a couple of friends, (ie, john, mark, megan). I'm done with destroying shit.

12/4/06 05:57 pm - welp, im back...

With that infernal program, Websense, being run from the Pentagon, I can't access MySpace from work anymore, and I spent all my money this weekend on alcohol and a new phone, so I have no money to go into town and get an account setup at the I-Cafe. >..> For my niece: I quit drinking (official at about 3pm this afternoon) - going into ASAP (our substance abuse program) coming in the following week, and it looks as if I will be in this program for about 3 months (hopefully extending my stay here on post (that's all I care about... don't want to go to a place where I don't know my job)). The only thing I don't like about going "somewhat voluntarily" is that it'd be less time seeing Alison, Jeff, Toby, Becka, Dave... the last 2 - I can still chill at their place and I know Dave has no problem in helping me stay away from the vile creation called Alcohol...


7/18/06 11:04 am - hrmmm...

made a big booboo... not at work, but for home. ... mebbe I should jsut listen to jeff now. yeah.

7/18/06 10:55 am - stoked

I was told last night (a few hours after sending them off) that one of my fave bands to listen to at the pub WILL play half the stuff I finally got off my ass to send them.

other shti - last night was well, kinda stupid... this project I've been workin on, well kinda backfired. Another source kinda made it self-implode, and I jacked up something else (to talk about it, I will need another site as this is WAY TOO public here, and everyone who reads this knows who I am --- kinda... 90% of me still hasn't come out... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

7/18/06 10:46 am - thinking about stuff again... doubting christianity? no, just thoughts

-- Not concluded, because well, it'll end up turning into a HUGE email to my pastor.

I was discussing this point with a Sgt of mine and we were talkin about the Navajo and such. I know (from what I learned in Navajo) that they are originally Athabascan (as far as history, vocal, written) will tell us. That's Russia, Alaska area (the ice bridge). In their "bible" - the mythological books, Book 1 (Tieholtsodi - Red Water monster) it discusses that there was a great flood. Now, based on the known history of Navajo, the furthest back they go is Russia (Siberia). This is the point that gets me - I know of the "theories" :: 1. Worldwide Flood
2. Flood based only in Tigris/Euphrates Region (Mt Sinai landing)
3. Early Global warming (melting ice causing ocean to raise)

1. This would have killed everyone, leaving Noah and his family as our ancestors (every other race on the planet) --- kinda also brings up the Tower of Babel thing too, but I'll ask about that later
2. This would have killed everyone in just that region. - Kinda makes sense with the earliest recorded/oral history of many cultures
3. This would have killed off everyone in coastal regions and worried several more in regions that view these areas.

5/4/06 10:06 am - NUKE THE SHIT OUT OF IRAQ, DAMMIT!

I had the strangest dream (+ I figured out why the hell I wake up sweating like crazy in the middle of the night) between 8 and 830 this morning. I was a cowboy in an environment that looked like somewhere in colorado, but closely resembled Iraq -- Sand EVERYFUCKINGWHERE. It seemed that I had been suspected of wrangling cattle from this dude's ranch and was called something to the effect of "a cur of a coyote". I was then reduced to running the hell out of there and had to carry a huge wooden sign that said "looking for honest work", that I had to drag around as it was too heavy and hard to carry in the wind that ran the place and made it impossible to hide away from this guy. After walking a bit, I hit a sandstorm much like that shitty one I went through when I was in hell, and had to stop for a place to rest. There was a burm that only went barely high enough to hide me as my cowboy hat still showed above the burm when I sat down. I was in this fortified area and saw 3 iraqi-type motorhomes parked there and a few 'known' cattle wrestlers gathered around a fire. after trying to catch some shuteye, I pulled my hat over my face to block out the sun and sand. once i did that, my dream took a 3rd person stance overlooking me and the guy I had been running from looking down on me commenting on the sign and giving a wolfish grin (like soemthing you'd see in 'nightmare before christmas'). That was when I woke up, bed soaked in sweat (yeah i even bent down to sniff, but no sign of piss smell). Getting back to me figuring out why I sweat myself awake --- dreams of that fucking hell called iraq.

5/1/06 10:04 am - well, I said it would never show up, but.... time for people to see

http://xxx_xxx.livejournal.com - my 3v1l site. only 2 comments so far, no links yet, but I think I'll just ignore the bloody thing for a little bit.

the name is in the xxx's somewhere... c'mon, you think I'd actually give in that easy? - yes, it was up for one day, but the world ain't ready yet.

4/30/06 03:43 pm - A new evolutionary step has been made...

I now have the power to delete shit that's in my brain. It took 2 weeks to realize this, and all it is is reverse psychology for the brain. So, in order to make this work, I will need to delete the GKs first, then possibly other things from this site.


Edit: Everything involving those I want to delete are gone.

4/28/06 10:05 pm - I kinda wish other people, mainly those who are the cause of my stress, read the shit i write

title pretty much says it. I've got these murderous headaches. I remember HS/Marine Boot Camp, when I got pissed the hell off, I cried. Now all I get is headaches (wondering if it's cuz I haven't been truly this angry in about 3 years). The situation and the crap thats goin on now makes me want to cry, except I haven't had the ability to cry (I can feel the same, but no tears) for a few years now.

Read some interesting posts regarding "Anger Headaches" and some of them point to depression... well, I do know that I have been feeling *about myself* like shit for years now, since Middle School... maybe that's where my hatred for everyone and the desire to kill almost anyone who crosses me wrong comes from... I don't know

4/27/06 01:30 pm - Mathematical/Biblical Proof that Women are INDEED 3vil.

Got this from OpenMike ~ also fairly well known...

For men, keeping a women is the product of time & money:

women = time * money

As the old cliché states, "Time is money."

time = money


women = money * money


women = money2

The Bible states, "Money is the root of all evil."

evil = money


women = (evil)2

And one must conclude:

women = evil

Just kidding ladies. You know I love you all ;-)
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